As a company leader, you are a busy person. You are often inundated with work, heavily entangled in your company’s processes, and have to make important decisions under stress. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose your work-life balance. So, what’s the way out?

One of your first thoughts might be to get someone to help you. While that sounds simple enough, there is an art to it — the art of delegation.

The Art of Delegation

Delegating work means giving away something that typically depends heavily on you. Think of your most important work as the kitchen in your home: It’s built into…

When we sat down to discuss whether to accept the invitation to join the Berkeley SkyDeck’s Spring Cohort 2020, we knew it would be a big change for the business as well as for us personally. But we didn’t know how big it would really be.

Being based and well-connected in Southern California, we applied mainly to get a source of significant funding. We put good effort into the application, but we never really considered SkyDeck to be “real” — until the acceptance email hit my inbox.

My cofounders and I gathered in our Newport Beach headquarters where we lived…

Wing’s Crisis Response Platform

We started Wing to hand back time to busy people. The value proposition is a concierge app with 24/7 on-demand service to get anything done for you as long as it’s legal and possible, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

What we envisioned as an accessory now shows its potential as a powerful facilitator to help alleviate the current coronavirus crisis. We developed a platform that connects 3rd-party service providers to our users in the most seamless way imaginable. We built the technology that understands people and routes their requests to the party that offers the best service…

Roland Polzin

Ex Army officer, MBA, and entrepreneur dedicated to progress

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